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ISTANBUL, [Beyoğlu-Beylikdüzü], 2019

center-periphery is one of the main themes I deal with in my work in different ways, such as in the series "Intercity train", which I photographed on the train between the capital of Iran, Tehran, and the nearby big city of Karaj. Comparable to Tehran and Karaj, Beyoğlu and Beylikdüzü, two districts on the European side of Istanbul, are connected by a rapid transport system, the Metrobus. Beyoğlu is separated from the Old City by the Golden Horn, which is gentrifying very fast and Beylikdüzü is a relatively new neighborhood that is growing and developing fast every day.


Both in my thematic center-periphery and in the photographs, I have been dealing with dualities such as background-foreground, surface-depth, inside-outside, and the liminal in the space between. Through my own visual language, as in my other series, I have tried to question photography as a medium and as a fact.

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