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The videos of villages were taken in two location: Manheim and Morschenich. Both of these places are being destroyed because of coal mining. Large scale mining in Germany are conflicts of interest within that causes the following landscape transformations. The randomly chosen lake, Peschersee in Cologne, is a renaturalised lake like many other artificial lakes in Germany.

Through renaturation for example, the areas are made accessible to society again. The overwriting of these areas usually leads to either consciously or unconsciously becoming complete forgetfulness. Nothing remains in these areas: not any social goods, churches, homes, cemeteries. Maybe the only thing left is only the renaturalised lakes as a memory? You can’t find the Place of your identity in reality or on the internet in future again. The addresses will most likely be cleaned by applications like Google Maps. These natural-looking lakes perfectly transcribe the context of these destroyed things and lives – and could simultaneously and ironically, be the only thing left to them.

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